• Infrastructure Migration from Netware 3 to Netware 5 (10/1999 – 12/1999)
  • Desing and deployment of a Directory Service on a pre-existing Netware infrastructure (12/1999 - 4/2000)
  • Deployment of a Desktop Management service (ZenWorks) on Netware (3/2000 - 4/2000)
  • Infrastructure re-design ona mixed Novell/Microsoft shop (10/1999 - 4/2000)

EF Computer

  • Participation in the migration of the existing infrastructure from Windows NT to Windows 2000 (4/2000)

Class Editori

  • Revision of a Microsoft Windows NT infrastructure with Novell Netware (6/2000 - 9/2000)
  • Proxy server deployment (MS Proxy Server) on NT (7/2000)


  • Deployment of a service desk management system (HP Openview Vantage Point Service Desk) (3-4/2001)
  • Revision of a Windows 2000 infrastructure including Group Policies, Exchange and McAfee AVD (5/2001)
  • WAN revision (Frame Relay) on Cisco routers and IP addressing revision (6/2001)
  • Mixed Microsoft/Novell infrastructure analysis and its re-design to optimize performance (7/2001)
  • Cisco 827 ADSL router configuration for internet access and firewall/proxy deployment using MS ISA Server (9/2001)
  • Migration from Netware 4.2 to Windows 2000 of file and print services (12/2001 – 1/2002)
  • Desktop Management system deployment using MS SMS (2/2002; 7/2002; 1/2003)
  • Feasibility study for a complete revision of IT infrastructure and policies for a primary publishing house (6/2004)

TC Sistema

  • Active Directory security hardening for a Merchant Bank (10/2005)
  • Spin-off of the IT infrastructure of a company branch for a leading cosmetic company (7/2006)
  • Analysis and complete remake of the IT infrastructure of an important consortium of a Confindustria associate (2/2007)
  • Restructuring of 4 Active Directory domains from four different companies in a single domain and integration of the related infrastructures and workstations with the migration to an unified E-mail system of a primary cosmetic group (4-8/2007)
  • Migration to Windows Server 2003 of domain, infrastructure and client of a leading manufacturing company (10/2007)
  • Installation and configuration on IBM Blade and SAN of a backup infrastructure based on Symantec Backup Exec, DLO and remote site data replication at a leading management consulting firm (11/2007)
  • Installation and configuration on IBM Blade and SAN of a virtualization infrastructure based on VMWare Infrastructure (ESX) in high availability at a leading management consulting firm (6/2008)


  • Serial Installation / Migration of IBM BladeCenter S and / or H Infrastructures with IBM DS-3500 Storage, Hyper-V-based Virtualization
  • Restructuring and migrating domains of companies merged into SmeUP with the annexed consolidation of mail services in Office 365 Hybrid
  • Several Cloud infrastructures based on Microsoft Office 365